How to write Cover letter

How to write Cover letter

A cover letter is more than just a formality or courtesy – it is an opportunity to impress. It is a one-page message sent with an application that provides information about the position you’re applying for, your qualifications in relation to the position and why you’re interested in working for the company. A well-written cover letter can help you stand out from the rest of the competition. Don’t treat the cover letter as an afterthought in the process; invest time so it increase chance to convert you interview invitation.


Use the following template to help you write an effective cover letter:

Today’s Date

Your name 
Current location (City, State & Area code)
Email Address 
Telephone Number
LinkedIn Address

Address’ Name 
Professional title
Organization Name 
Email Address
City, State and Area code

Dear (Recruiter/ Hiring Manager’s Name),


Grab the reader’s attention right away with a unique opening line. In a few sentences, describe what role you’re applying for, why you’re interested in the job (and company itself), and what makes you a good fit.


The body should be one to two short paragraphs that make relevant points about your qualifications. Do not summarize your resume! Includes list of responsibilities of your position,, projects you participated in skills you acquired, and above all the impact that you had. Feel free to include accomplishment and awards.


Re-emphasize why you’re interested in the position, why you’re passionate about the company, and why you’d make a good fit. In addition, describe how you, if hired, would contribute to the company. Make it too short with maximum 2-3 lines only.


Your closing should initiate action by explaining what you will do next (e.g., call the employer) or motivate the reader to contact you to set up an interview. Always close by showing appreciation.


(Your Name)