Ananta HR offers a varied range of services and it depends upon our clients, which all of those services they would like to attain. Here are a few enlisted and detailed services offered by us. Ananta HR offers these services in every domain of the available market.


    A large company would better expect employees with a seniority level; here comes the service of providing an Executive Search to the client company. Ananta HR carries out initial screening of the candidate, negotiations on remuneration and benefits, and preparing the employment contract. Potential candidates will be contacted directly and the approach is much more personal conduct an interview before the business meets and interviews the candidate, and also starts first-stage negotiations over remuneration and responsibilities.

    The same process is also utilized for highly specialized and technical positions where the right candidate is crucial, and the pool of potential candidates is limited.


    Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a company transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider. As an RPO provider, Ananta HR acts as an extension of a client company's HR or Resourcing function, sitting on-site with the client providing a holistic hiring solution. They deliver the necessary staff, technology, and methodology needed to fulfill a client's recruitment requirements. The recruitment outsourcing solutions can be delivered on-site through a team of recruiters that act as an extension of the client's talent acquisition team, off-site. Quality and time assurance is the two major points that Ananta HR provides on the very foremost note of contract.

    To support startups, Ananta HR always try to contact and help them with basic requirements. Also, they give them advice about what ought to be and what not ought to be during different phases of their beginning, with every single domain. The company is thinking to be a help on the investment part of startups. Ideas and business plans regarding the same are always welcomed here.


    To help the client company get the asked skillset of the potential employee or the said positioned candidate, Ananta HR offers this service of headhunting, along with providing a keen research base to the required client. Experts here are skilled with better negotiating and research skills. To focus on the role first and target the special audience in order to search and place the best fit candidate is the main aim of this company as in regards with headhunting. To provide a friendly and approachable service to balance both client and candidate is what heads under this and all other services of Ananta HR.